[-BLUE SKY-] Orient Express – LUCKY BOARD

The [-BLUE SKY-] is a skybox with new board of luck. It’s a train cabin inspired by the Orient Express.

It is very beautiful and very well done. You have the feeling of actually being inside a train.

With the animation and the sound of a real train. With the right horn and everything. It’s really cool!

This cabin is available from today (March 9th) and being on the board of luck for a week.

So you can participate you must join the group, but do not worry, it’s free!

I definitely loved this! Thank you for this  Luca Python!


Skybox – [-BLUE SKY-] 1 [-BLUE SKY-] – 2 – Orient Express – FREE in lucky board- (0L$ fee) – (by Luca Phyton)

Hair – .: vive9 :. –  Fredja in Blondie – Dust&Sugar – NOT FREE – (by Sanya Bilavio)

Outfit – .:Ducknipple:. –  Hider  Brown Outfit – NOT FREE – (Audrey Lamede)

I hope you like this  and do not forget to buy it!



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