Womenstuff Lounge *Group Gifts*

Hair – Analog Dog – point b. cierra black 

Skin – {.essences.} – Inna *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Shape – *ANNA SHAPES* – Pietra Small

Eyes – .ID. Insufferable Dastard – December Gift / Blue

Lashes – <TheAbyss> – Eyelashes Muse Optima Fit 1

Tie – *** Just You Jewels *** – Tie Catch Me  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Cuffs – Ha! – Leather Cuffs *black*

Gloves – *Linc* – Finger Tapes Dollarbie *1L$*

Dress – [AB]  AMERICAN BAZAAR – Babie dress blue  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Pants – Wild Style Fashions – Torn Black Lo-Rise Pants  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Belt – [TF] Tamiron Forge – Unisex Belt Fift (F)   *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Boots – <TheAbyss> – Grunge Boot – part of “Full Avatar_Opium v1.1”

Hair – Analog Dog – .b Sapphire Light Browns/ Anise *New*

Skin – LaVie  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Necklace – [fairy tail] – Wood Choker Unisex Color Change

Cardigans – [Cynful] – Curvy Cardigan Lace White & Black *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Skirt – [Cynful] – BloomMini Lightblue

Shoes – .::Energie::.  – Sneaker  heels White  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Hair – Analog Dog – .b Gala Fox

Dress –  JAVA FASHION DESIGNS – Mlk I Have a Dream  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Pants – <LW> – Freebie Jeans HERS -BC  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Shoes 1 – ::Duh!:: – Cream Mary Janes  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Shoes 2 – LOORDES OF LONDON – Snicckies for Women Grey & White  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

1) Outfit – [Cynful]  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

Necklace – AIDORU –  Safety Pins Pink Beads Choker  *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

2) ::SIOPA:: – Floral Dress White *Free* Womenstuff Lounge

These are just some of the many gifts available. It also has gift for men.

All gifts are available for a limited time!

Use the group tag to get the gifts

Women*0L$* Fee – secondlife:///app/group/533f32b3-b937-8680-a1aa-0813cc3af4b8/about

Men *0L$* Fee – secondlife:///app/group/a8703562-6a52-20df-81a9-9aeed5dc091c/about

Tp to Women&Men Stuff Lounge

A special thanks to Queue Marlowe, Renee Harvy, Audrey Lamede and all the designers of this wonderful event ! :P

Xoxo ! ! ! :D

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