EiDOLAN Skins & JINX’D INC. & ..::VioleNt Chemicals::.

Hair – >TRUTH< Clara w/ Roots Browns/ Caramel

Skin – EiDOLAN Skins – Jhia Skin Fair NC SNOW Nude DB  *New*

Shape – *ANNA SHAPES* – Olivia Small

Lipstick – EiDOLAN Skins – Jhia Hot Pink Lipstick Tattoo  *New*

Eyes – .ID. Insufferable Dastard – Mirror Blue/Green

Lashes – [the oBscene] – Collection Lashes-iPOS

Tongue – ..::VioleNt Chemicals::. – Broken Heart Tongue  *New*

Necklance – [PM] Pixel ModePearl Necklace  *Old Gift* 07/2011

Bag – * CHANDELLE *  –  Bag Marry. Valentine’s Day *Free* Hunt Valentine’s Day in Chandelle #01

Bodysuit – Jinx’d Inc. – Lace Bodysuit Upper White  *New*

Pants – Jinx’d Inc. – Reptile Jean Blue  *New*

Shoes – * CHANDELLE * – Shoe Lian SP – GREY I

Bodysuit – Jinx’d Inc.– Lace Bodysuit Upper White / Pink  *New*

Pants – Jinx’d Inc.– Reptile Jean Blue / Black  *New*

EiDOLAN Skins – Jhia Fair Brown / Cat / Doll / Goth / Nude / Retro / Snow  *New*

EiDOLAN Skins – Jhia Lipstick Tattoo Dark Red / Gotic / Hot Pink / Pink / Red   *New*

EiDOLAN Skins – Jhia Pale / Fair / SunKissed / Tan  *New*

Jhia skin – 700 L$ for each individual tone or 2000L$ for the fatpack.

 All skins include 5 lipstick tattoo layers, clevage comes in tattoo, shirt and undershirt layers. Each skin tone has 7 diffrent make up options: Nude, Retro, Cat, Brown, Doll, Goth and Snow.

A special thanks to Chandelle Design, Jinx MahoganyAimee Novo, Violet Wickentower and Audrey Lamade ! ! :D

Xoxo! ! !  :P

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