*News* “tSg” & “”D!va”” Hair & Egoisme

Hair – “”D!va”” Hair – Shizuka Citrine Type A *New*

Skin – “tSg” – Kate Beach Bunny Lolita Bust/Teeth  *New*

Shape – “tSg” – Kate  *New*

Eyes – .ID. Insufferrable Dastard – FFL / Bold Green *Free* for members group ( *150L$*fee – secondlife:///app/group/82b1ad81-f357-418e-2199-879bb4cb1e23/about)

Necklace – ~Pepper~ Cassette Necklace  *5L$*

Jacket – [NV] – Wool Cardigan Olive – *Free* for members group (*60L$* fee – secondlife:///app/group/621c961d-949b-f7c0-a091-63ca61fa33c2/about)

Tank – *Linc* – Open Buttoned Top Black

Pants – Egoisme – Dirty Jeans Washed  *New*

Boots – ~Pepper~ – Bobble Ugg BROWN *Free* for members group (*30L$* fee – secondlife:///app/group/629e219c-d8b3-a626-f934-2151c60fff71/about)

Egoisme – Dirty Jeans Prerogative / Black & White / Brown Strength  *New*

“”D!va”” Hair – Shizuka Citrine Type A & Type B  *New*

 “tSg” – Kate Beach Bunny Zissis / Lolita /  Cherub  *New*

A special thanks to Eilfie Sugarplum, Marisa Kira Ramses Meredith, Alon AlphavilleDanni Pfeffer and Audrey Lamede ! :D

Xoxo !  :P

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