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Do you know … one of the best things in life is being in love. Today I am so much in love with the thought away, away ….


I spent the whole afternoon just as the Analy and just missed this beautiful soft carpet.

How nice to be so!

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. Home – Carpet Ingalls * Carpet Bouba *New* Available in Vintage Fair 2012

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A special thanks to Lolly Carlberg !!:P

Xoxo!! :D


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Al’Ol Bonetto House

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Their textures are rich in detail and realistic and perfect for use as live or landscape photos.

This house is very comfortable and modern.

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New Build – :F: Filthy – Blaque boutique

Price : 1499L$


Furnished : All displays included

Scripted : Lights

Prims : With Displays : 291 / Without : 181
Shadows are on extra prims , removable to save more prims

FootPrint :  61 X 20

Rights : Copy & Modify

TP to Filty
On the marketplace :